Deciphering Dreams and tarot cards

I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets them, the last few months I kept having a recurring dream of a growling dark grey wolf, like I'd be walking and it blocks my path. To me the wolf meant some truth was being obscured, but I couldn't figure out what, like was it telling me I had a block in my life that I had to confront to go forward? That's what it felt like to me, but my bf just kept rolling his eyes when I'd mention it. Then the dream changed a bit, two nights ago I got past the wolf, I knew I was dreaming so I just looked past it... into my living room, my b f's phone was on the coffee table so I turned it on and it had messages from a girl saying how she loved him and missed him and what not, then he enters the dream and I'm like seriously you're cheating on me? And he just says yes, so what?

Then I woke up, told him about it and he says that I'm probably just stressed.

Umm ok, when I'm stressed I usually dream I'm on the run for murder, but this was different because I've never seen an animal in my dreams.

So what do I do? While he was busy playing his video game, I grabbed his phone and.... he's cheating. I've been playing with tarot cards since my teens too... and they were pretty much pointing to the same things: deception but I just brushed it off, like maybe it means something else, that can't be right, who would be lying to me?

Wow way to make me question my abilities, and did I forget to mention that this has been going on for over a year?