Stop being so judgemental !

I'm not bothered by opinions that people have on certain things but to say under 18s shouldn't be on this app and keep stereotyping under 18s that they won't look after their child or they are dumb for having a baby. I'm 17 and 37 weeks pregos and the thing is my child will be as happy maybe even happier growing up then any other child that their perants are adults, some teen mums go through more then older mums for their child so I don't understand how an older mother is a better mother ? Everything I needed for my child ive bought no one has helped me I went college 3 days a week and I worked 6 days a week I only stopped working 3 weeks ago and I'm still going college I have 3 more exams and Im going to be finished with mostly distinctions im proud of my self and no one can tell me different I wouldn't change nothing because my child is already the most important person in my life you can't put me down because everyone has an opinion but just stop stereotyping because it's not fair and I know it does hurt some teen mums out there and puts them down!!!