December Birthdays.. πŸŽ‰

Beth β€’
I had a MC last month and just got my first AF after. My midwife told me it was fine to TTC after first AF and we're definitely keen to get pregnant again ASAP! I've just realised that if I was to get pregnant this cycle, then my EDD would be the week before Christmas. My mum is the 16th Dec and never had a problem with it, but of course if I was late then it would be very close to Christmas.. Do many of you have birthdays in December, or had babies around then? How do you find it? What do you do about the cost of both coming at once?Β 
Some of you may think I'm getting ahead of myself as I'm not even preg yet, but it's whether I should not intentionally 'try' this month and wait a bit longer if you all hate having birthdays in December around Christmas! Thank you in advance ☺️