Product craziness!

Lisa • Pregnant with our first baby boy 💙 due sept. 14, 2015. 👼
Does anyone else feel like they are going completely crazy reading labels? So when I got pregnant I basically threw out all makeup and products I used with any parabens, sulfates, salicycic acid or benzoyl peroxide etc. so I basically use all natural products with bare minerals as my makeup, burts bees as my shampoo and conditioner and a mommy soap HOWEVER my hair is so dry. It's long and curly which makes it impossible to do and I'm so frustrated. I broke down this morning and bought a store bought leave in conditioner. The one I bought has no parabens or sulfates but I can't understand all the chemicals in stuff. It's in everything. I spend my time getting overwelmed googling things getting worried then throwing the product out. Are you ladies looking up every ingredient in things? I don't want to be negligent by not researching everything but I also feel like I'm going crazy. I ended up breaking down and crying about it this morning having lil sleep for days and being sick with a cold. This is the product I bought this am.