So confused

Jennifer Marie

On January 12 I got the depo shot after my miscarriage. About 2 weeks ago I've been really nauseated and having pregnancy symptoms so I went got a test Wednesday took it and immediately showed positive. I tryed another test Wednesday night because I'm in denial about it and it showed negative and I just stayed looking at it so confused and in 30 minutes it changed to positive. The next morning I took another test and it did the same thing negative and then 8 min later positive. Today I took one and the lines are more clear then the others and when I took peed it was showing negative then after my shower it was positive. I went to the Dr office yesterday and they got a negative. So now I have an OB appointment Monday to do a blood test. I'm confused as to why my test at home are coming out positive and the one at the Dr's was negative. And the very first test was an immediately a positive.

With my previous pregnancy this also happened in the morning i was negative and later I took another it was positive and I got the one I threw away and that one ended up showing negative.