Worried, TTC and Unanswered Questions

Cori • Committed to my family, husband, and career. Currently TTC for the first time.
My husband and I have been DTD sans protection for 4 years, and we've been very actively trying for 5 months, but I'm concerned. 
I know in the grand scheme of things 5 months isn't long, but my concern isn't really based on time. He had a testicle get stuck inside when he was 16 and had to have surgery to remove it, do I'm worried he might have a fertility issue based on the trauma from surgery. 
In my case, my high school/college boyfriend cheated on me and gave me chlamydia and gonorrhea as well as HPV. I'm concerned it might have done permanent damage. 
So many of our friends DTD and are immediately preggo, my best friend without trying, is now expecting her second and her first is only 6 months... Should I be worried, 4 years is a lot of unprotected sex?