Why is it not happening?!😨

💙Shadoe✨ • Just conceived our rainbow baby:) M/C in March 14 & chemical November 14... Going to marry the man of my dreams<3 After 14 months of trying finally got our BFP 8/7/15! Praying for a sticky baby🚼
I see all these ladies who have gotten their bfp and posting calanders of their month... They have only bd'd a couple times, or only twice during ovulation. It drives me crazy when i see this cuz they are all having luck with just having sex once or twice. We have been trying since June 2014 with 1 early m/c in November... We bd all the time, not only for baby making, but for fun... It just hasnt happened yet.. Its like we try so hard, an then i see ladies that only bd a couple days, an they get their bfp, so where is ours?:( i am so happy for all these ladies, it just makes my heart sad that im not there with them... This is my calander for the past couple cycles... Every month looks like this. Im ready for our baby!