Back again...with MC #2

Bianca • MCs 7/21/14 & 3/15/15. BFP 7/23/15. Our healthy baby girl arrived 4/1/16!! ❤️
Has anyone had two or more in a row? My first two pregnancies ever have ended in miscarriage and I just feel so many emotions right now. Sad, a little angry, frustrated, helpless, defeated, shocked, confused. 
My first one happened in July 2014, and yesterday morning at 5 weeks I woke up to bleeding. Throughout the day I started to see more blood and the cramping started. At about 4am this morning the cramping and bleeding got worse. As of now the worst part is over and the cramping and bleeding have slowed down. 
I was ignorant enough to think that my next pregnancy would be fine, but here I am completely shocked and confused that I've now had two in a row. My first one failed due to the baby not being able to continue developing. I suspect the same is true of this one but probably will never know for sure. 
What have your experiences been with multiple miscarriages? I'm able to get pregnant just fine but now I'm terrified that I'll just never be able to stay pregnant 😢