Should I get an IUD?

So I'm on the mini pill after I had my son and my terrible acne from when I got pregnant hasn't went away, I haven't lost any baby weight except the baby (obviously), I haven't been eating like a cow or anything and I've even been excercizing, and I'm also still breastfeeding. My son will be 6 months old on the 28th. When I was on normal birth control 2 years ago, my acne was never bad but I had to watch what I ate and exercise otherwise I would look chubby. Not to brag but I'm probably supermodel quality when I'm not on birth control and can eat whatever I want all day long and not gain a single pound. I'm so upset with my body and face now and I was wondering if anyone else switched from the pill to an IUD and had better results because I'm tired of having horrible acne and some extra chub that won't go away plus I hate taking the pilot every day. I don't want to get the shot because everyone I know that has gotten it blew up like a balloon and I don't want to commit to that incase I don't like the effects.