What to do if you suspect a miscarriage

Autumn Kay • ttc since 2014. had a miscarriage 7/2/16.
I've been spotting really light pink for a couple days and now it's bright red with clots. Really abnormal. I'm gonna take a test in the morning to see if it's positive to know if I had a miscarriage. I'm really sad and depressed. I've been waiting to test and I've been feeling pregnant. And now this and I've been having terrible painful cramps. For a while earlier it was as bad as I imagine contractions would be. And I've been having the worst lower back pain. Hopefully the test tomorrow is neg so I can just chalk it up to a wonky period. I've never had a miscarriage before but I seem to be having a lot of the signs. I'm sorry it's late and I don't have anyone else to talk to because everyone is asleep. I'm just really depressed about the situation and any advice at all will be very appreciated .