Please send thoughts and prayers

Samantha • Had our first in November 2015, our second in December 2016 and will be working on my girl shortly.
Ok so I got positives Sunday and a positive today with a CBE digital. I'm 11DPO. AF isn't suppose to be here till Saturday. I called my doctor since I'm high risk. He had me come in and have my HCG and progesterone drawn. And he is conserned. My HCG was 14.2 and my progesterone in low at 8.92. I have to have my levels rechecked Wednesday do see if my HCG at least doubles. And they want to see if my progesterone goes up. If my HCG doubles then they said they are going to send me to my fertility doctor to see about getting put on a progesterone suppliment. I know the only thing that really matters when it comes to HCG levels is that it doubling. So please send positive vibes, thoughts and prayers please.(learn more on Glow: