Tasha • Mom of two and undecided if I want another child.
I'm so done trying for baby #3!! I have two beautiful kids and that's all I need.  My son is 11 and my daughter is 18 months. We really want baby #3 but it took us 7 years to conceive our daughter and I have a feeling this TTC for a baby isn't gonna be as easy. I can't go through the heartache every single month I get AF. I just was 5 days late and took a test 4 days ago and got a BFN and was excited to test bargain this morning and as soon as I went to take the HPT there she was AF staring me in the face laughing like "haha I got you again". I was so excited like this could be it...this time it only took 18 months, we have been trying since I was 2 weeks PP. So I'm waving the white flag and giving up! When I'm on here and keep seeing the BFP and the can you check out my obvious BFP HPT that clearly shows I'm pregnant. Ugh I hate that! If you see two lines your clearly pregnant!! No need to ask to ulter the damn test! Well I'm done ranting now.