The fear of no children


Ever since I was younger I have had this fear of not having children. I am sure this feeling is pretty common so it didn't really bothered or stressed me out it was just a fear.

About a year ago I started having this huge pain in my vagina when ever I'd try having sex. After a little while of trying it would eventually go in and not hurt, but sometimes it would just hurt too bad I'd start crying. It eventually just went away

I've always had the sharp shocks of pain in my vagina that only last for a second but it was so painful it would make me jump or scream every time. This has been happening for years.

Having these things happen to me are/were scary but I didn't start worrying about not being able to have children until I started having dreams.

I have had these dreams where I wasn't able to carry a child at all. These dreams were very stressful and it's getting to the point to were I dont want to sleep at all. The only time I sleep is when I am just too exhausted to keep my eyes open. The more stressed I am before bed the worse and more intense my dreams are. Every dream that I remember having for the past 2 months have been about not being able to have children.

Does anyone have any advice for me what to do about it? How to sleep? Anything?

How much is a fertility test? Is it expensive, I don't have insurance.?