When to leave school

Dominika • Mia was born on the 3rd of June 2015<3
Hi ladies, I'm currently 29weeks and 2 days pregnant, at how many weeks do you think I should drop out of school? I was thinking at 33 weeks. My last day of school is the 29th of May and I'm due on the 1st of June. I get awful rib pains and can't sleep at nights..the teachers have agreeded to send me the work through email,and I send them back the answers.. I feel like I should drop out at 33 weeks because of stress and pain, but then again Im just scared of dropping out for some reason😬 I just need some advice🐣 I will be back to school for next year to do my finishing exams.. I'm currently in 5th year, and the 6th year is the last year(it's when the ending exams happen) then I'm planning on going to college😬 My dad is pretty useless at helping me with this😂