My birth story

Well 3 days before my belly dropped then at 9am on Wednesday i was at college and I started feeling contractions that were a bit painfull and I thought they were fake then they started getting stronger so my boyfriends mum picked me up because I wanted to go home but then we stopped at my house my boyfriend picked up my hospital bag and we headed to L&D I was sure I wasn't in labour then by 1:00 pm I was monitored because I couldn't feel the baby move and by 1:45 they checked and I was 5cm dilated !! Then as I got up I lost my mucus plug and I went to the toilet and had dirreah by That time my contractions were really intense then I got up and walked around for literally 30 second and my waters gushed out so I went to the toilet had dirreah again it was funny because I was so calm but everyone was rushing to get me to the delivery room I wanted a water birth but the midwives took me to a normal room without a birthing pool and said that the babies heart dropped so I couldn't have a water birth but then I knew my babies heart beat didn't dropped so I argued with them to find out "they had mistaken me for another lady " bullshit right ? But by that time it was 3pm my contractions were really bad so they couldn't move me I was on gas and air and by 3:50 I had a pain killer which only made the contractions the tiniest bit less painfull and by 5 I started pushing 5:13 she was born no tears nothing midwife did not believe it was my first baby !