Being Petty

So I am curious what everyones take is on this. Today we are traveling and we got a hotel. We get to the town, I was driving, i asked my husband if we were going to our usual hotel #1 and he said yeah. Then he sees hotel #2, it is very new, and says "Oh, I forgot they built that one." So I ask him do you want to stay there instead? And he tells me he doesnt care it is up to me. (Other then age and name they are the exact same hotel, same quality, i truly do not care which one we go to) Ok I know my husband, I know he wants to stay at the new hotel. He likes the new smell, the new everything. But there is a part of me that gets annoyed that he wont just say he wants to go to hotel #2. So in a fit of passive aggression, I go to hotel #1. We are sitting outside the hotel and he sighs and then comes up with reasons we might be better at Hotel #2, they might have 2 tvs (so the girls can watch cartoons and he can watch basketball), he doesnt really like the beds, pool, etc (He was always more then happy with them before) So I ask again do you want to go to hotel #2? He says that it would be nice to have another tv. So I shake my head at him and we go to #2. We do this all the time, in some form or version whether it is food choices or paint colors. So now my question is Why will he not just say what he really wants? And how petty am I being for chosing the one I know he doesnt like? Do other couples do this?