Symptoms in early pregnancy?

Andrea • Hi all. TTC #2 for 10 months now. Getting discouraged. Hoping that Glow can help me track my fertility and hopefully get me to the BFP and baby #2. Helpful comments and suggestions are always welcome.
Hi everyone! Just a quick question...what were all of your early pregnancy symptoms? Dear ol AF is a week late, (no I have not tested yet I don't want to jinx it but I am planning on testing soon) very tired all the time, nauseous at different point all day. Slight constipation. Slight food aversions and cravings. My nose has been stuffed. And I can randomly smell things (like metal when washing pots and pans and smells from other people cooking.) But my boobs don't hurt. They don't feel full. My nipples aren't sensitive and my areolas aren't any darker. This would be my second baby and I honestly can't remember what my early symptoms were with my first so I can't compare.