How do you find home based day care or nanny share?

Daycare in my area is SO expensive. (Most places I've called so far run about $1800/month and have up to 18 month waiting lists). And, most only offer full time services for infants. I'm planning on working from home 2-3 days a week after returning to work so really don't want to enroll my baby full time. I know that home based day cares with fewer than 6 children don't have to get licensure/register with the state (VA). Of course I would still require insurance, background check, etc but I just don't know how to find these providers. Alternatively, we would also be interested in splitting nanny costs but not sure how to find/go about that either. The only friend with a kid I have doesn't use day care so word of mouth is out. Are there reputable websites you're aware of?