Cycle inconsistencies... a bit TMI... TTC #1

Nicole • 30 y/o FTM to baby girl Kacie 💕 preemie born at 32w5d 👶🏼
I've had the weirdest cycle I've ever had this go around. My last normal cycle was Feb 8-11. I usually have really bad cramps followed by heavy bleeding on day 1 then it eases up thru the next 3 days. My next expected AF was due April 8-11. Didn't show but I've been a few days late before, no biggie. Still to this day I haven't had my "normal" cycle. A week of light brown spotting in the morning April 1-6, a few random days of light pink to brown spotting, then a few consecutive days of a mix of light pink to brown spotting. Hubby and I did the naughty yesterday afternoon and there was some light bleeding after so I thought that was AF showing but this morning I wake up to no sign of her, no cramps this month either ... I'm not freaking out but any thoughts ladies?? Thanks!

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