Wow.. waitor

We went out for dinner with inlaws tonight. The waitor was giving samples of wine and said "oh not her she's pregnant" so I looked right at him and said "I'm not pregnant" jokingly then he said something about you can't hide a popped bellybutton..mine is no where near being popped, I have a belly ring so I just didn't say anything. Later he comes back and says "so you're like 9 months pregnant?" I about spit my water all over my MIL. Even her eyes got big. I just said "no" without even looking at him. He quickly changed topics and left. (I'm 23 weeks) At the end of the night he drops a to go box of the chocolate mints in front of me. I think it's safe to safe he was sorry. At least I got some mints from it, that part made my husband happy.