this 2ww is driving me nuts

Mary • 37 yrs old and just gave birth to my rainbow baby 2/22/17 after having had 6 losses and I'm expecting again on 2/9/18
Pms is nasty to me. It always has been and it shows me no mercy. Unfirtunately, it didnt show me mercy when i was pregnant either.I had no clue i was pregnant and just figured af was on her way. Im 35 and have been ttc since nov anti testing early, even though im obv curious to :) My Af is due soon but things seem a bit diff this appetite increase and no moodiness like usual im just super emotional, more than usual. its prob making up for my lack of moodiness lol and my breasts are up in the air about this one cuz everytime i think i could be pregnant, af rears her ugly head :( im going crazy....i have at least four more days till shes due