31 weeks pregnant and sinking deep into depression! !!

I honestly dnt know whats going on, but what i do know is that im slowly starting to get sick n tired.

Im 31 weeks pregnant, and ud think that closer to my due date that life wud be great n all exciting. Well my happy marriage is spiralling downwards. N fast.

From being so in love n affectionate, to nothing. We dnt talk, hes constantly on his phone, laptop or working. We dnt spend any time together at all!

It breaks my heart n im constantly crying. Almost daily now. We are 2 strangers living in the same house. Weve got 3kids n this preg was planned.... weve not had sex in weeks, n that was a red flag for me.... wen we were about to, it was like when he was touching me i instantly turned him off... as in out of working order. N no its not my belly because its never been an issue. Im not fat. It just killed me. I fell asleep crying. Spent the last days looking at myself not feeling pretty.... THIS IS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED TO HAPPEN. NOT SO CLOSE TO BABY COMING. its the furtherest ive ever felt from him. N i wen i try and talk to him he turns it on me. Im the one whos lost interest. I ignore him. Ect ct. Im just so tired of crying. Is it too much to ask that i can atleast just be happy. N savour the last weeks of my last pregnancy. Instead i find myself wishing it away.