My 5 year old daughter told me I was having two babies when I told her I was pregnant!!

Melinda • I'm a 29 yr old, & engaged, I had B/G twins born 7/30/15 @ 33 wks. I also have a son 8 & daughter 6 yrs old ❤️
I have a 8 yr old boy & a 5 yr old girl, when I first found I was pregnant We told my kids, I said mommy has a baby in her belly. My daughter looked at me & said, no mommy you have two babies in your belly!! I obviously was like nope, there's only know baby honey, cause honestly I never would've thought I would be having twins. At my first sonogram I was 8 weeks, the ultrasound tech is looking around, & then says well congrats, there's two babies, your having twins!! I turned white as a ghost!! I'm now 14 weeks 3 days, still can't believe my daughter called it!! Kid intuition or what idk, but it shocked me!!
My first sonogram  
14 week Baby A (girl)
Baby B (boy)