Krysten (vent alert!)

Krysten • TTC #2 for what feels like for forever. I`m a married full time working momma!
So Ive been patiently waiting for the OBGYN to call me with an appointment since I saw my family doctor on March 12th. I called the OB's office today to kindly ask for an appointment date and... They have not received my referral!!!!! I called my family docs office and can't get through!!!!!!! I've tried dozens of times. I'm feeling particularly crazy today , most likely pms hormones. And what set me off further was scrolling through Facebook saw a pregnancy update from a friend so I wa readi through it. There's a comment from a girl who JUST found out she's pregnant and is 14 weeks..... Wtf?!? Are you kidding me?!! If it wasn't for the girls here on glow I'd honestly feel like the only infertile woman on the planet. I just want answers.... And anyone who's been in my way today has unfortunately gotten a bad dose of aggressive attitude :(