Scared. Could use some prayers.

Cassandra • So excited to be pregnant. And so happy i have a great app to help along the way
Well guys. With a heavy heart i must tell my story. Maybe you guys could give some positive feedback or share similar stories with a positive outcome. Thursday evening i went into the er with crampibg and brown spotting. They told me all was ok and this was normal during the first trimester. And i am currently 6 weeks. They told me no cause for concern unless it got worse. spotting all weekend and saturday night rolls around. Bright red blood and a lot of it and a clot. The boyfriend rushed me tonthe emergancy room. Come to find out: my cervix is still closed, and they could see my lil bean in there but no heartbeat and activity. My Hcg levels also dropped some instead of doubling. Sothey are saying they are worried of the pregnancy not progressing. So im currently laying in bed with a high risk pregnancy, and a threatend miscarrage. They told me that i need to follow up with my ob gyn tomorrow. So the appointment is set for 8am. Im very nervous. Fingers crossed for me please. Any one else experience anything like this with a positive outcome?