Is It Wrong To Have Felt This Way ?

So my husband thankfully has a job that pays very well ! Im not working because im due next month . 
Well basically , on saturday we went to the mall and he bought himself some shoes , he told me he wanted to match so he bought me the same ones. (I like them but not that much) 
Well anyways , yesterday we went to carters and he bought our baby alot of clothes and then we went to some other store and he bought her 2 pairs Of shoes (some toms and some chucks ) And he bought himself a lot of clothes . 
Is it wrong for me to have felt a littlr jealous of him buying our daughter stuff ? 
Dont get me wrong , I LOVE my baby and I love it it when he buys her stuff I love coming home and just putting all the new socks, mittens, shoes, booties, and clothes in her crib on top of the rest of the things . I love seeing it get piled up with new things. 
I guess all I wanted was to get a fill and color change on my nails and it just upset me that he had said he was going to take me but didn't. 

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