Do you have copayments with with Anthem?

I pay $316/month for an individual plan and it shows in my benefits booklet that prenatal and maternity care is paid in full (until delivery which is 30% of total cost). Today I got two explanation of benefits saying that I owe my provider a $45 copayment for my first appointment and $160 for my lab work. Did I miss something? 
Are the rest of you with anthem blue cross PPO paying a copayment for every visit? 
I thought under the affordable health care act this fell under preventive care? 
I'm calling tomorrow but I'm just so exasperated! 
Note: If you live in a country with universal health care, I'm really happy for you. If you can, please resist leaving a comment that says something like "I can't believe how much you Americans pay for basic health care yada yada yada" I can't believe it either and it's super depressing.