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I am in law enforcement and had part of my annual training today...this morning we had a refresher course on breathing apparatuses (powerpoint only) and then went outside for a drill. The drill was that you had to put on the breathing apparatus and then go into a fog infested house to retrieve the dummy. Five years ago, I was diagnosed with claustrophobia and anxiety disorder. The year before during the course, I'd put the mask on for kicks and freaked out, ripping it off my face. So today, I told my supervisor and instructor I couldn't do it...that I have claustrophobia. Well, this afternoon the captain tells us that if we refused, we have to have a medical excuse within five days. So I have to be re-evaluated by a doctor on Thursday to get the medical note.

This pisses me off...I'm not the type of officer to refuse anything. So they should understand that if I refuse and tell them there's a problem, it is legit. Secondly, I didn't want anyone knowing about the anxiety and claustrophobia. How is this their business?? Ugh...I'm so aggravated...