Overly active babies.

Megan • 28 yearѕ old. мoммy тo jordan 8 yrѕ old💚 and мaттeo 6 yrѕ old💙wιғe тo мaттнew 4.26.13💍oυr aleхιѕ мae dυe 6.16.15 🎀
Anyone else have a little one that is VERY VERY active?? I know movement reminds us they are alive and well, and growing and getting stronger. But I've been preggo 2 times before this and both my boys were never this active. This little girl moves 24/7 I never feel a break for any amount of time! Haha it's like she goes not sleep!! Makes me nervous because my boys are handfuls does this mean she's going to be worse then them? Haha I can't sleep at night, or nap during the day, she kicks my bladder all day so I spend a good 30 times on the potty! And I'm only 28 weeks and have 12 left which I know she will just keep getting stronger and they will begin to really hurt now! She's in my ribs already too!!