IVF -- family against it-- advice

My DH and I will be doing our 3rd and final IUI this week. I am hopeful but am looking to our next step-- IVF
I am willing to take this step. However, some members of my family are not very supportive. 
Rumors have swirled in my very LARGE catholic family about our fertility issues. I've seen people reposting on FB in agreement with dolce and Gabanna's article calling children conceived through insemination ot IVF synthetic children or children of science. 
I have been receiving email "advice" and by advice I mean articles talking about how IVF isn't a good option. Higher risk in those children for cancer and diabetes. Radio shows of children who were conceived through IVF and how upset they are that they don't know their biological father or mother. 
(You get the point) 
I've responded to my family members saying something along the lines of the following 
"Should we decide to go through IVF we will not be using any donors. It will be from both DH  and I. So our children will not be wondering who their biological mother or father is. They will be able to see a picture of when their life began as just a bundle of cells and how even then we loved them and how precious they were to us. They will have an appreciation for the beginning of life most people do not understand. 
I appreciate your view point. however, this decision is between my husband, God and myself. We are going through a very difficult time dealing with this. So I'm just asking that people be respectful and as understanding as they can be."
I'm not sure what else to do. Many people in my family are very supportive but I might flip out and burn bridges with multiple family members if I hear these rude, insensitive things again. It's really hurting my feelings.
 "Some people just aren't meant to have kids" --worst thing to say to someone going through infertility treatments. Thanks dad. 
Sorry for the rant...any advice?