MC & Social media

I thought about something today as I scrolled  through some social media (SM) pages.. Mine is inundated with pics of my pregnant friends and new born babies etc. (I'm obviously super happy for them, but still get that hidden jealousy in the very back of me..) Most of them post those 3D pics of their sonograms- Saying things like "almost here" "can't wait til she's out" etc. Makes me think that after 2 MCs, I won't ever be able to post any pics and share them with my fam and friends for fear of MC. I also constantly think to myself "they shouldn't be posting this.. How devastated would they be if they were unlucky enough to go through a MC"
What are your thoughts when you see this on SM? Am I just bitter? Lol Would you still consider sharing on SM for your future pregnancies ?