Had sex for 2 whole months everyday.

Brittaney • young married and ttc baby #2
My husband and i had intercourse for 2 months straight every freaking day and I still didn't get pregnant...you have no idea how much hard work that was I never knew I would see the day when sex became a second job...after that I jus gave up on the everyday thing now we jus baby dance when we feel like it tensions were running high...this is a new month so we shall see what happens I'm currently 3 dpo I believe or 4...so I haven't even hit the implementation stage but I'm feeling bummed out because my breast are so sore and I'm getting so much acne on my face more than usual and i have been emotional all signs of pms :-( btw AF is due 4/4...where are u at in ur progress today and is it possible I still might have a chance? Oh and the pic below on the left is me how my face has always been my whole life and the pic on rt us me now thee absolute worst my face has ever broken out idk what the deal is and I'm still so far away from getting my period.