So upset

So back in 2012 my husband had an emotional affair with a married coworker. I told him how I felt and it stopped plus we moved about 2800 miles away. Fast forward to our life now and I'm pretty sure the cycle is starting to repeat itself. My husband is a marine and working with females happens to be part of the job, however I find it completely inappropriate to be texting all day long. I went through his phone last night and found nothing necessarily harmful but did notice that he has deleted a lot of the texts she's sent him. He was home yesterday and they text back and forth all day long. He has never mentioned her to me and I know that she is not on his team it's just someone who is working a course with him for the next few weeks. I would love to go to marriage counseling but know he doesn't have the time.. I just don't know what to do anymore on top of all of this I'm 8 months pregnant with number 2.