How will I know?

Briolette • 💚💙Rainbow baby due 3/10/16 💛💜
Its only been one cycle since my mc. But I long to be pregnant again so much. Part of me thinks it'll be a nice distraction from my grief. My natural tendency is to move onto something else so I can just forget about what is breaking my heart. But then evertime I talk about it I lose it and can't stop crying. I'm shocked at the depth of sadness I still feel at times. People getting pregnant around me sends me into a depression. Does that mean I'm not ready? I worry if I rush into another pregnancy I'll keep grieving the loss while pregnant which can't be healthy. How will I know when I'm ready? I just want to not feel sad anymore... When will I stop being so sad? I'd love to hear your experiences with this and your opinions. Thank you all for continuing to support me during this difficult journey.