Home remedies

Jessica • The only reason you should look at what someone else has, is to make sure they don`t need.
Hey everyone, wondering if you guys have any favourite home remedies for backaches? My lower back has given me chronic problems, along with sciatica in my right hip. It often causes me problems if I don't sleep enough, the pressure is low/other weather, and oftentimes my period will cause my back to swell and become very painful. These past 48 hours have been absolutely dreadful; hurting so much I can't have anyone even lightly touch my lower back. I am on vacation which makes it worse! I'm not out in a nice place or anything, just taking a break from my 60+ hour/week standing on my feet job, at home and ironically my back acts up now?!
I don't care for the painkillers I have been prescribed in the past because I have a very low tolerance, and don't like feeling dopey. I have done everything..light stretches, trying to walk, hang upside down, lay still, I've put hard soda bottles against my chair back to try and support my back where it aches and it's just driving me nuts! It's to the point where I feel it about to give out any minute. 
You guys have any sure fire home remedies or this, or any other ailments you care to share?
Love & good vibes to you!