Brianna • 18yr Old High School Nerd!

So my boyfriend and I are still in high school. We've been together over 7months but have been "talking" for like 2 years. Well i have to babysit my cousin after school, and every like 2 weeks he and his friends have a TBD(Taco Bell Date). When he goes out with his friends he 1) doesn't invite me 2) doesn't text, call or anything for hours 3) he sees and talks to them more than he talks to me. But when I got out with friends or something I'm always talking to him because he gets upset if I don't. Btw by the time they go to leave, I'm already done babysitting. He's been gone almost 2 1\2 hours now and i haven't heard from him and last time they went out i didn't find out till the next day when his friend showed me a video of them.

I just want to know if I'm overreacting or if I have a right to be somewhat frustrated?