Erica • Newly married to the love of my life and just had our little boy March 10,2015. 💙
I just need to get this out of my system before I blow up on someone.. So my husband and I got our taxes back finally Wednesday, every penny of it is supposed to go to getting our house finished so that we can move into it and out of my aunts house. Well his pay check this week  is supposed to go towards bills and our easter outfits for our first family pictures. We just had our son two weeks ago, and when we were in the hospital my dad was giving us money to get food while our son and I was in the hospital because once we paid our bills my husband blew the rest of it so we didn't have a penny, so my family gave us some money. Well my husband has blew some of our taxes already but what really pisses me off is that he cashed his check on his way to work and gave his mom $50 for fucking cigarettes when it could have been put towards our two week old and things he needed now or later on or be put into our house (if it was for something she really needed I wouldn't mind) but anyways this has been happening on and off for quite sometime, and in the past has made us late on out bills to support her addiction, when she has another son that lives with her, works, and dosen't pay bills or contribute to their house in anyway but she won't ask or make him pay for shit cause it's her baby, so she asks my husband who has a child, is married and has bills to pay for it knowing he's a big momma's boy and isn't going to tell her no.