No feeding schedule... Questions!!

Kayla ā€¢ Married & we had our perfect baby boy on 03/21/2015, Pierce Huntlee. He was 7lbs 10oz, & 19.5 in šŸ’™
Baby boy Pierce is 5 days old. At first, nights were a struggle, he was getting a belly ache and tons of gas. Went to the doctor yesterday for a weight check and doctor said it was okay to use has drops. They have been great and definitely calmed him down when pooping or farting. I am breastfeeding and it has been going very well. Got my milk in yesterday and seems like he's having more trouble latching. Also he does not have a feeding schedule at all, I don't know how to get him on a schedule. Sometimes he'll go 3 hours in between, sometimes he will only go an hour. He favors my right side, don't know why, and the left side seems to get very sore. I actually pumped this morning just to get the relief. How long is breast milk good for in fridge and freezer, anyone know? Also, should I be pumping in between feelings? When I pumped one breast this morning I got 25ml, 1.5 oz, does that sound normal? Too little? I'm so new At this! šŸ˜•šŸ˜