7 week update!

Alexandria • 24 years old; Twin Girls EDD March of 2015 ( or sooner )💕
Hello Ladies! 
So much has been happening!! My lovely ladies are now 7 weeks old and wow has it been a roller coaster ride!! So Valentina ( baby A) spend almost a week in the hospital.... She some how got sick... Despite me not taking her out ( except for doctors appointments) and having company to a minimum and so forth. Doctors said she had an Upper respiratory Virus AKA a common cold. It was the scariest thing I've ever experienced! The coughing was horrible... She definitely scared her father and I!  But she is doing much better!  Other than that everything is going well... They actually have been cluster feeding! And wow it's crazy! I'm so thankful to have my mom 5 mins away to help when I need her because ladies, it gets tough! And accept ANY help that is ordered... You WILL need it ❤️. Hope you all are doing well and your oregnancies are going great!  Here's some pics! And if you ladies have any questions, don't hesitate. 
Oh! And baby girls were weighed two weeks ago. Valentina is 8lb 3oz and Scarlett is 9lb 2 oz 😃😃