Cycle sister nightmare- please help!

I work in an office full of women and there is one girl I share an office with. She has strong high levels of hormone and extremely irregular periods that she has no intention on fixing. Before I started working here about a year ago I was completely regular. I knew it when AF would come to a "T". Since working with her my low hormones have been taken over by her. My cycle completely follows her. If she's 3 weeks late, I am 3 weeks late. If she doesn't have one during the month, I don't have one that month. It's driving my crazy because I am TTC. 
It took only a month last time to get pregnant before having a MC. I am now on month 5 of trying with no sign of a BFP any time soon. What can I do? I am beginning to feel helpless! It's beginning to cause tension between my coworker and I?!? How can I help regulate myself without her taking the initiative? This dream job is becoming a nightmare!