What do you think

Hubby and I are still having trouble finding a middle name for our little one that will be here in 30 days. We have decided to name her Evelyn but can't agree on a middle name. 
My grandfather passed 5 yrs ago and I was her to have his initials. His were EJP. My last name is Tartal so I know she can't have the p so I wanted her name to have the EJ.  His middle name was also James so I would like hers to be the same. 
I guess my question is. What do you think about the name Evelyn James for a girl? My hubby hates it and refuses to name her wih a boys name. I explained that James can be a girls name too and it's important to me. He says that if we have a boy we can make his name James, but my hubby is a 3rd so I know that won't happen.  
The problem is  I can't find any other J names that sound good with her first name other than James.
Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? 
 I hate the name Jamie too so that is not an option for me. Bad affiliation with someone I knew in the past.
Your help is greatly appreciated