Ladies trying to conceive!

This might sound crazy but ima give you a little secret.. It might sound crazy.. But PLEASE TRY IT!! Ok so when you and your S/O are doing the (nasty) lol think inside your head ..NOT OUT LOUD!!. Here's the crazy part!!! Ready??? So think inside your head and say I hope I don't get pregnant!! I don't want a kid right now!! ... I know it sounds crazy! And I know some of you bin trying for months and years.. But please try this! At least 1 time during ovulation! Just think.. Most of the time we hear a female being pregnant and she doesn't even want her baby.. But God gives her one any ways.. And then there females trying to have a baby but it doesn't succeed... So my advice to you is keep calm.. Don't stress  and let God do his work!! Baby dust to all 🙏✨✨👶!!