Blair • In love with my bestfriend & pregnant with #1 EDD: November 16th, 2015.
On March 6th I found out I was pregnant. On March 12th I had a miscarriage. I was at work when it happened so I immediately left and went to the ER and they told me I needed to follow up with my regular DR that following Monday and so I did. I had never been to an OBGYN so I called and the did squeeze me in with someone. She was the worst person ever! From the moment my boyfriend and I walked in the door she was basically pushing birth control down our throats. Telling me that I couldn't get pregnant for 3 months and that I needed to get something like the paraguard implant for 10 years before we tried again. My boyfriend and I discussed it and decided I was gonna stay off birth control and just use condoms because we plan on trying again after 3 months is up. The doctor didn't like that and so I left there upset. Tuesday she calls and asks if I decided the kid of birth control I wanted to get and I kindly reminded her that we chose to use condoms and she told me condoms aren't 100% effective blah blah blah. So towards the end of the conversation she tells me she electronically sent over my birth control prescription to the pharmacy. Then she calls me yesterday and says she sees where my prescription was never picked up. Ugh, so annoying. When we decide to try again, I wanna be able to try without birth control in my system!