Uterine Bleed and Bedrest

Elizabeth • Alooooha! Finally knocked up (naturally) after 20 months TTC!! We're so ready for this. "Pili kau, pili ho'oilo" (MKP)
Hello :)
I had an ultrasound at 7w5d and baby measured a little smaller than the doc originally thought but s/he had a strong little heart beat at 147 BPM, yay! 
The ultrasound also showed a small tear or "bleed" in between baby's yolk sac and my lining. Basically the beginning of miscarriage due to me having Progesterone deficiency. I was put on immediate bed rest and extra progesterone and told not to even sneeze so the tear remains small while the sac grows. 
Has anyone had a baby with this "bleed" before? I'm scared it will affect placental growth and cause a bunch of problems.