Announcing pregnancy...advice.

As I mentioned on here before, I had a chemical pregnancy in December. With all the excitement we told our families as soon as we found out at 5 weeks. The next week I started to bleed (I had spotted 3 days prior to a postive hpt and 2 days after a postive hpt).  I am now 5.5 almost 6 weeks pregnant and everything seems to be going great (no spotting).  I'm so thankful for that.  My hubby and I decided to wait to tell that we are expecting again, possibly around the 8 week mark.  I am not sure when the right time is to tell our familes again. I am busting at the seams wanting to tell soon but I am also afraid they will think "here we go again" being that I'm still early. Any advice on when we should tell? Am I over thinking it?! Thanks in advance for any input!  ❤️