Miscarriage or no?

I'm feeling like I had a miscarriage yesterday but can't be sure. I went to the dr for vaginal bleeding and light cramps yesterday and they said I had a threatened miscarriage. Hcg levels were around 300 and cervix was still closed. I thought I was about 5-6 weeks but he saw nothing on the ultrasound so I'm assuming I'm less than that. Anyway the bleeding got pretty heavy yesterday with blood clots. It eventually settled down and today I'm still bleeding but very lightly. No more pain. I go in again on Monday to see if my levels have increased. I just don't feel pregnant anymore and all of my symptoms have kinda gone away. I feel like I already know that I miscarried but I can't help but have a tiny bit of hope that everything is fine! Ugh I hate this waiting game :/ I just want to know so we can move on and try again!