I didnt know where to put this

Bryanna💫🏹 • Respiratory therapist #1👼🏻
So, I didn't know where to put this, but am I bad person for wanting my fiancé to go into the military? He spent a year getting everything in order to go into the coast guard, but on March 30th he found out when he went to go sign his contract that he got booted because he technically lied on his application about going to therapy. It was in high school and it was only for three months but it came up on his medical records. If he wants to reapply he has to wait six months and now he is thinking he doesn't want to try again. I was secretly wanting him to go even though I acted like I didn't. I wanted him to go for several reasons...it would be an adventure for the both of us, he would be a little more structured ( I love him how he is but I feel like he needs to grow up a little more) I don't want him working at Costco the rest of his life and we would have really good insurance. ( I have some serious health issues) am I a bad person?