Breastfeeding stress

Melissa • Just tracking my period!
So I gave birth three days ago and got 4th degree tears. It's been a very painful recovery. Peeing makes me cry; pooping is the most terrifying thing I can imagine. On top of this, my milk hasn't come in. I've been trying to feed, but baby lost 13 percent of his birth weight in three days. I feel like the doctor is perhaps inappropriately pushing me to breast feed at this point. She is sending an industrial breast pump to my house! She told me to pump 12 times a day and keep trying to suckle him. She gave me s list of tea, supplements, etc. I had to be the one to (tearfully) suggest formula. My poor little man can't even stay awake because he's not eating. She basically ignored me and kept talking about breastfeeding.
I'm so stressed out right now. My SO is my hero because he bought me formula. Is this all crazy or am I just freaking out because my hormones are all over the place? Kind advice welcome 👶