Just a cute story I thought I'd share

Amber • "Be who you needed whenever you were a child."

So this is my beautiful niece Faith, and she's beyond excited that I'm having a baby.

I'm 17weeks pregnant tomorrow, and I have been feeling the baby move for awhile. The baby is now kicking just hard enough that other people can sometimes feel it. Today Faith's mom had felt the baby moved and asked her if she wanted to feel the baby. Of course, because she tells everyone that "Amby is having her a baby" she was beyond excited to feel it. She has her hand on my belly for maybe a minute, and when she finally felt the baby you could tell. Her face lit up as she gasped and says in an almost whisper "You have a baby!" When I laughed and said yes, she got even more excited and started telling everyone. This tickled me beyond words because it wasn't the reaction I was expecting because I truly thought she wouldn't be able too feel it.