Feeling cheated

Deandra • Angel baby lost 06/13. Baby gone 05/13/2016.

I've mentioned before that i'd had a miscarriage 2 years ago this June. There has always been something I've regretted. Despite the 5 ultrasounds I had for the pregnancy i did not get one picture..... My first ultrasound didn't go as planned. It was meant to date the pregnancy but the tech couldn't find the heartbeat and sent me home with another ultrasound date 2 weeks later. The next ultrasound was an impromptu one from emerg after some bleeding where I got to see my baby's heartbeat. Then there was the dating ultrasound where no heartbeat was found. The next 2 confirmed it. That first ultrasound I should have gotten a picture! I thought it was to early to get one..... I thought I'd have more time.... I expected him to ask if I wanted one. And I've been kicking myself ever since. I missed the opportunity.

What is the earliest ultrasound photo you've got of your babies?